Welcome to team Last Rites, we are a professional e-Sports organisation based in Europe. The organisation officially formed 15th June 2015 through a close network of passionate and dedicated gamers. We built the organisation on the premise to create opportunity for players looking to grow in the e-Sports community and compete at the highest level. Furthermore “LR” supports a variety of international streamers/content creators on many different platforms. We also offer a range of entertainment & products within, enjoy!!

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We told you to watch this space…

The world of Overwatch eSports is an incredibly exciting place at the moment. Blizzard have been seemingly pouring resources into their spectator tools to give the best viewing experience to the audiences they expect at the Overwatch League. On top of that draft...

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Bringing home the Chicken dinners with WundA

At Last Rites we're getting to know all of our competitive players in each game that we're getting ready to shake up the scene of. Strategic, battle royal style FPS, Player Unknown's Battlegrounds (or PubG) is no different! The game is still in early...

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